Consulting Services

Define your Brand DNA and build a road map to tell your unique story.

How do you define your brand? What is its unique differentiator? Is that differentiation a long term part of your company’s DNA? If your company is built on a product or service alone, what will you do if your competitor moves in next door and offers that same product or service for the same or lower price? What makes your brand unique?

Tracey works with clients to define what makes your brand unique. She develops a brand promise that clients can deliver at each and every customer touch point. She translates that promise into a story and maps out a strategy to tell that unique story and engage customers.

Planner – Storyteller – Strategist

  • Plan to Differentiate
  • Develop your Story
  • Translate into actionable marketing road map
Branding Services

  • Competitive/Situation Analysis
  • Brand Strategy Development
  • Marketing & Communications Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Understanding the Opportunity when Targeting Women After 40
Blogging Services

  • Freelance blogging and writing
  • Strategies to work with bloggers

  • Brand Promise – How to define the DNA of your brand.
  • The Moment of Truth - Delivering your brand promise at each and every customer touch point.
  • Translating your Brand DNA into Strategy.
  • The ABCs on being strategic about your social media.
  • The Brand of You – It isn’t just for Companies anymore.
  • The Forgotten Market – Marketing to Women over 40.

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