Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Blogger - Definition of TV addict

As a new blogger I think I'll address my TV addiction first. I don't attend any special addiction groups as I refuse to see my addiction as a problem (yup still in the denial stage). I celebrate and enjoy the boob tube as often as my son and husband allow. It was easy to justify my 'habit' over the years as I worked in advertising and marketing... so I had to watch what my target audiences were watching. Now with my PVR racing past all the commercials and no paid employment at the moment it is harder to justify. So I've had to edit a bit and not just mindlessly surf. I've become a true appointment TV viewer. The PVR is my best friend handily recording all my favourite shows without my even having to think about it. Then when I have some downtime I can relax and have a few moments with my TV friends. Since most of my time is spent with a 17 month old baby it is easy to say I watch more adult conversations on TV than have real ones these days.

To really show my dedication to reducing my tv watching ("I'm not an addict I can slow down at anytime..." LOL) I gave up the movie channels just before Christmas so we could save a few extra bucks each month. It was a big move for me as I've had the movie channels since 1996. So no more access to Big Love, Dexter, Entourage, HBO movies, etc. Unfortunately I miscalculated and had it cancelled with 3 episodes left in the current Dexter season... I certainly needed a sponsor the day I realized that error (thank goodness for the internet - but don't spoil it for me yet I haven't finished downloading the episodes).

Don't get me wrong I'm a pretty varied person who loves to read, cook, shop, dance, pilates, etc. But I was brought up as a latch key kid who did her homework in front of the tv. And had 'quality' time with my Grandparents watching Another World. So it really is just part of the fabric of my world. I really can do without it, I just don't really want to.

So what do I watch.... I'm pretty varied here too. Some of the top shows in my PVR priority list these days are: BSG (Battlestar Gallatica), Doctor Who, Torchwood, Lost, Grey's Anatomy, How I met my mother, Survivor, Amazing Race, Friday Night Lights, Mad Men, Project Runway - plus the HBO series which I don't currently get... Dexter, Big Love, Entourage. I also used to watch Coronation Street religiously, but as CBC is 6 months behind England I just keep up-to-date online.

What does all this mean? I guess it acts as an introduction to my television obsession and allows me to provide future posts with my thoughts on my favourite or un-favourite TV moments. I also might blog about my experiences with our PVR - just moved from Shaw to Telus TV. Will have lots to report about that experience very soon.