Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Green Day!

St. Patrick's Day!!!  One of the my favourite holidays.  Not sure which part of me is Irish but I know somewhere after the Scottish and the Chinese comes a blend of Irish, Welsh and English.  My grandmother used to call us the "Heinz 57 of the Commonwealth" (that was when Hong Kong was still part of the commonwealth). 

It is funny looking back on how much this day has changed with my life. This year I almost forgot about it. I was lucky to read someone tweet about it yesterday so I could change out of the green top I had on and keep it for today.  Then we celebrated with an "Iceholes" beer and some burgers and fries out tonight as a family. 

Then I rewind 11 years and remember the craziest St. Patrick's Day ever!  We arrived at the Irish pub a few blocks from my office in downtown Toronto at about 11:30am.  We had planned ahead and made reservations, but we still needed to get there early.  The whole office was there (we were a small firm with an average age of 20 somewthing) and had planned a fun lunch.  I stumbled out of that pub sometime around midnight that night.  About half the company never made it back to work that day.  And some were even late the next day.  Other than when I worked in a pub I don't think I've ever spent half a day in one. 

Now - burgers with a 2 year old.  Then - a week's grocery budget spent on beer and a few pissed off clients.