Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Riding Bikes

I don't remember learning to ride my bike or my first bike. But I used to love to ride my bike when I was a kid. Now of course I lived in Saskatchewan at the time, and there was lots of safe places for me to ride in our nice residential neighbourhood. We rode to school, the park, our friend's house or all over the place just for fun. They were our tickets to freedom.

The first bike I remember had these huge banana steering handles, and I had these great flowing sparkling things hanging out the end, plus some coloured bits on my spokes. Totally fantastic and very popular in the 70's. And then came the magical day that I took over my Dad's 10-speed. A 10-speed. How fantastic. I felt like such an adult.

Just as puberty was starting to set in we moved to Ottawa. The few blocks around us were pretty quiet so I could ride to a friend's house or along the river. But to get anywhere useful you had to cross the 'bridge' across the Rideau River. It had no extra room for bikes, a skinny sidewalk, and a HUGE curb. Was certainly NOT bike friendly. So with the combination of body changes, falling over that stupid curb one too many times, and getting old enough to take the bus across time by myself - I stopped riding my bike.

Today, I look at my little son and know he will LOVE riding the same as I did as a kid. We have been eying those balance bikes and hoping that the Grandparents will get him one for his birthday. And then I saw the contest on 5 minutes for mom http://www.5minutesformom.com/6461/balance-bike-giveaway/ where we could win one. No banana handles, but hey you can't have everything. Check them out here http://www.pedalcarsandretro.com/Balance_Bikes-p-1-c-269.html.

Wish us luck!

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