Friday, January 15, 2010

Lilli'Q Cafe and Playhouse

Had a playdate today at the new Lilli'Q Cafe and Playhouse in Yaletown.  Great idea considering the number of parents living downtown and the number of truly kid friendly options in the area.

I had a nice chai latte - disappointed my 'to stay' cup was paper - and a couple of mini muffins. Nice quality products but would like to see more selection of food for both young and old.  Just a wider range of baked goods would be great. 

Was offered a free massage - great, but not the right day for me as I was there to meet and chat with my friend.

My son happily played in the toys amongst the other kids.   Which was a nice break for me.  My friend's son who was older at 4 was quickly bored as most of the other kids were between 0-2.

We didn't need a potty break while we were there, but saw a lovely open change area with a stool to the sink.  And it worked well with multiple people in the area at one time.

The biggest challenge I saw was the space for strollers.  There is a great stroller parking area but you have to go all the way through the space to get to it.  And it is a skinny space.  I watched about 10 minutes of stroller traffic jam when a number of people were arriving and leaving at the same time.  This is a challenge that will only get harder as more people frequent the cafe. 

Will I go again - absolutely.  Will it be a destination for a morning out - probably not. 

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