Friday, April 29, 2011

Everything I Learnt about Voting was from Survivor

I have voted at every election since I turned 18.  I always voted for the candidate in my riding that best fit with my personal beliefs.  I figured that was the way it was done.  Then I started watching Survivor.  For 22 seasons I've watched the highs, lows, twists, alliances, cat fights, crazies, idols and of course the master of all hosts Jeff Probst.  And as I prepare to vote in our upcoming Federal Election I realize my attitude towards voting has changed. And much of that comes from Survivor. 

And while much of the voting in Survivor is against someone else, many of the theories still apply.  So what have I learnt?
  1. There is no fair way to vote.  Dr. Sean Kenniff learnt that in Season 1 with his fair alphabetical system of voting.  Almost all of his votes were throw aways and he still pissed people off.
  2. The "Rats and Snakes" speech also applies to politics.  Susan Hawk strongly felt that everyone in the game was either a rat or a snake.  Political advertising often feels like the same speech, edited by highly educated speech writers.
  3. No matter how much you like someone if they aren't in the right alliance then they don't get your vote.
  4. Sometimes you can't vote for the person you want to win, but against the person you don't want to win.
  5. Vote splitting is risky but can be used to masterful results.  Of course there are no hidden immunity idols in politics, but after a number of minority governments it feels similar.
  6. Tribal Counsel and a Candidates Debate are strikingly similar. Although the debates could really use Jeff Probst to mediate.
  7. You want to trust, but really you can't.
  8. Sometimes the tail coat rider wins.
  9. Sometimes you can come back and win it all - Redemption Island, crazy twists where people get to come back or all-star seasons.  You never know if someone is really out until the final votes are counted.  Or after Jeff Probst does a crazy transportion montage to the LA studio.
  10. Causing discord at camp can be used to your advantage. 
  11. The people who you may piss off while in office are also the ones who have to vote for you in the end.
  12. You have to vote to stay alive in the game. 
And that last one is the most important. No matter your alliances, strategies or beliefs you need to vote to stay alive in the game. 


  1. Brilliant! You had a snakepit of a riding there sister!

  2. Indeed I did. At least there were more than 20 votes separating the top candidates this year.