Sunday, November 29, 2009

Blue Rodeo

Hubbie and I had a date night last week. My mom was in town and so was Blue Rodeo, so we took advantage and had a night out. 

I've seen Blue Rodeo about six times in my life, and they never fail to please.  My first time was during University and I don't remember too much about it except that I loved loved loved Greg Keeler's voice (Diamond Mine is still my favourite song).

Then there was the time we saw them in Malkin Bowl at Stanley Park.  We were in the 6th or 7th row and we arrived just as Blue Rodeo was taking stage. I watched Jim and Greg eye my 9 month pregnant belly as I sidled into my seat.  Luckily for everyone there wasn't an unexpected and unticketed guest delivered that night.  He waited another week to arrive. But boy did he ever dance around in my stomach that night. 

And then one year later, we celebrated one of our first night's out without the little man with another Blue Rodeo concert. 

This time we saw them at The Centre.  It is a lovely venue, but in my opinion too stiff for Blue Rodeo.  I want to DANCE when I see Blue Rodeo live.  And there is no dancing at the Centre - unless you have tickets in the rafters.  You can dance at Malkin Bowl, but only on the sides.  I want to stand at my seat and dance (well except the time I was 9 months pregnant and then I was happy everyone in front of me was sitting until the encore). 

Jim Cuddy doesn't age.  The only thing that seems to change is that little bit of extra grey at his temples.  And in case you didn't notice how attractive he is, he wears the skinny jeans to ensure you notice.  Then there is Greg Keeler, who has that really charming I don't give a f@*ck attitude.  Funny thing is that given the chance I'd rather pinch Greg's butt.   But this night Greg didn't seem quite himself.  He tripped over an amp in the first song, was chewing gum, and looked grumpier than usual through much of the night. His voice still sounded great, and he seemed to warm up a bit by the end.  Still LOVE LOVE LOVE him though.  We all have nights when we leave our sense of humour at home. 

The surprise was the new harmony guy Wayne Petti (from Cuff the Duke).  He is "all over the new album" to quote Jim.  I really loved how his voice mixed with the rest of them.  And he was a really nice piece of eye candy on stage (and I know I wasn't the only one who noticed).   But he seemed uncomfortable of his place on stage.  He stood on the side until it was time to sing, then he slid into place.  He had a few laughs with Bob Egan, but generally seemed like the
'new' guy who wanted to fit in, but didn't want to disturb the status quo.  Then he put on his guitar and it was like night and day.   

Quick note about the opening act.  The Skydiggers is one of those Canadian bands I used to love, and had completely forgotten about.  What a charming, funny and entertaining opening act.  Still think the lead singer is doing an Austin Power impression when he dances, but that just added to his charm.

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  1. Skydiggers! Oh my goodness I totally forgot about them! I used to have a tape of theirs that I listened to all the time. I love Blue Rodeo too but have never seen them in concert. Although you couldn't dance it still sounds like a fun night out.