Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Power Struggles

Day 3 of National Blog Month

We have been watching an interesting power struggle in our house recently. I never knew the policitics of stuffed animals could be so interesting.

Since the little man was 6 months old he has slept with a little brown bear. Around a year a little bunny joined the ranks. These are his sleeping friends. He also plays with them around the house. They do not go outside to play. They stay at home. (seen at right trying to escape outside through the cat door)

In the past month or so the little man has discovered more of his other stuffed toys. There is now big brown bear who likes to eat breakfast with the little man. The monkey with the long arms and legs that likes to 'hug' the cat. And the giraffe that enjoys juice and cookies. None of these are sleeping friends. Just casual play buddies.
Until 2 days ago. When he discovered yellow bear. Yellow bear became his new BFF. And when it came to nap time he wanted him with him. Not wanting to add to his already large assortment of sleeping items I said yellow bear wasn't for sleeping. The little man started to cry. He didn't pitch a fit just started to cry. And I just knew that no sleep was going to happen without yellow bear. So I offered a trade - bunny for yellow bear. No go! Then I suggested brown bear for yellow bear. And faster than you can say brown bear he was OUT!
His loyal friend of 1.5 years was sitting out a nap, so the little man could sleep with his new BFF yellow bear. I felt bad for poor brown bear so quickly pushed aside.
Then just as quickly as it happened it changed back. Yellow bear was back in the toy box and brown bear was back in the bed. Haven't seen yellow bear in 2 days, but brown bear has been up to his usual antics and fun. Currently he is helping the little man fill his dump truck with lego pieces.

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