Monday, November 23, 2009

Inspirational Women

So yesterday I did a fun yet superficial blog about shoes at the Women in Leadership Foundation SuperWomen & Friends Gala.  I had not planned on blogging about the event, as I was volunteering and figured I'd be too busy.  But the keynote speaker was so awesome and so funny I found myself taking out my notebook and writing some things down. 

The keynote speaker was Andrea Holmes, a 2010 Paralympic Alpine hopeful.  I instantly liked her as we sat in the mini touch up bar (how fabulous was it to have a mini hair and make-up bar before the 'red carpet' photos).  She and my friend were having their hair done and we all easily laughed and joked about how 'only women' would think of such a thing. 

Andrea's quick wit and sense of humour makes it clear she often uses humour to make other people comfortalbe with her disability.   She easily jokes about herself refering to wearing 3" heels with her prosthetic leg; her leg & ski dropping off a ski lift; beating the girl in Grade 6 at track after she and her mom dismissed her because of her disability; and how going through an airport security with her can be a disaster. 

She spoke of her immense pride of representing Canada in games around the world; walking into the arena for the Paralympic opening ceremonies in Athens; and being 1 of 10 Canadians to carry the paralympic torch in Beijing. 

It is clear that Andrea is a very determined focused woman. She sets unattainable goals for herself and goes for them.  She decided she was going to compete in Athens Paralympic games just 2 years before the games, and had no coach at the time.  And she decided to switch to winter sports when Vancouver was awarded the 2010 games.  She knows it will take a lot of work to make the 2010 alpine team, but she is determined to make it. 

She noted a favourite quote...  " When you wake up in the morning, you have two choices - go back to sleep and dream your dreams, or wake up and chase those dreams!"  -- Author Unknown ---

Andrea's choice is obvious.  As I wake up tomorrow I hope I'm awake enough to chase mine.     

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  1. Diane Garnick is the most inspiration women I know.