Monday, November 2, 2009

Why I LOVE Mondays!!

Monday my son goes to Montessori. He spends the whole day with his friends playing, learning, listening, sharing, laughing – generally growing into an independent little person. He LOVES it!

And so do I! It give me time to get some things done –job searching, networking, blogging, volunteer work and yeah sometimes even housework.

Yes I miss him. But I know that he gains a lot being there.

  1. He is around other kids and is learning key social skills early in life. I am also an only child and I know he is already better at sharing than I ever will be.

  2. His teacher is better at some things than I am. She is consistent. She sets a structured set of boundaries. The kids know what is coming next and what is expected of them. I know it is because of her that he is such a good listener. He understands that certain behavior is unacceptable and he is much easier to manage at home.

  3. She works with us on behavior issues. When we came home from a recent trip he had picked up a few things from his cousins/friends. We alerted her and she helped us stop them before they become a regular occurrence.

  4. He learns positive behavior from the older kids. They listen, they help, and they share. He wants to please his teacher and the older kids. This includes learning to be polite. We laughed with pride yesterday when he said ‘sorry thomas’ after he bumped into his Thomas lego on the floor.

  5. He is growing his creative side through singing, crafts, dancing, colouring, books, etc. He is comfortable in his environment and feels safe to imagine what he will. Yes – we do much of this at home. But I don’t seem to have the same patience and creativity to keep him interested and challenged each day.

  6. Most importantly he knows he is loved whether at home or at school.

My job in all this!! Not to mess up his teacher’s work during the rest of the week. I try to focus on staying consistent, providing a structured loving environment and giving him opportunities to grow his creative interests.

So I LOVE Mondays! Because both of us win!


  1. In my experience, early childhood educators are magic. I can say the same thing 15 times, and she pays no attention. But one of my daughter's preschool teachers says it ONCE and it is gospel. They really do have the benefit of experience to back them up.

    I'm glad it's working out for both of you!

  2. You are right she is magic. And can't believe I was so lucky to find someone who shares many of my parenting philosophies.