Saturday, November 14, 2009

The unique mind of a 2 year old

I started taking notes on the cute and funny things our little guy does... in part so I won't forget, as I seem to have stopped updating the baby book and realize I have forgotten a lot of fun details.

So today's blog will be a list of little things our little guy is doing that make us laugh. 
  • His relationship with his stuffed animals has recently ramped up to BFF... although the actual BFF changes several times a day.  He seems to take at least 1 stuffed animal everywhere.   He will go from putting a diaper on his purple monkey, to having a tea part with his bear in an instant (my favourite is when he takes the stuffed animal to the toilet with him, and they have to sit right beside him and 'try').
  • Begging for a treat and then not eating it - he carries it around like a little treasure.  Which is okay if the treat is an organic oatmeal cranberry mini cookie, but not when it is one of the few Halloween treats he has been given.
  • He is careful to avoid any misunderstanding saying 'in his mouth' and pointing to it at the same time when he asks for a treat.
  • His favourite thing to read while sitting on the toilet is the lego holiday catalogue.
  • He LOVES his books. He loves to take them all off the bookshelf and then sit and read... he is sometimes happy to sit and read his books to himself for 15 minutes.  15 wonderful, quiet and blissful minutes.  (he also likes to rip all the adult books off the shelf in the hallways. His favs are harry potter and anne rice - for some reason the tolkien doesn't appeal to him. )
  • Loves to sing... he knows enough words and melody for us to know when he is singing twinkle, twinkle.... old mcdonald and zoom zoom zoom
  • Whenever he counts to 3 he ends it with 'blast off' and a jump in the air. 
  • He cries like the world is ending when he gets a booger. 
  • He wanted to walk my Dad's dog when we were in Victoria last weekend.  So cute the little white Bijon Frise pulling the 2yo along.

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  1. Tolkein wouldn't appeal to me if I were his size, either. Those suckers are BIG! Also, not as colourful as the Harry Potter.

    My toddler really likes to pull off my husband's books. It's like he has a 6th sense for who will be the most annoyed by it.