Saturday, November 7, 2009

Why I hate November

Ten years ago I moved out to Vancouver, or the wet coast. I love it here. I even love the drizzly winters. The one time of year I hate though is November. It is so dark early! And because of the mountains it is often that pitch black dark by dinner time. And it rains - not the grey, drizzly weather we get the rest of the winter. But pouring cats, dogs and other small animals kind of rain.

So we fill our November with activities to keep us extra busy. And we try to enjoy the nice periods when they come. All we have to do is make it to that first Holiday party or activity and we are usually golden.


  1. November really is the worst month, by far. I've lived here all my life and I hate it, too.

  2. I always thought February was the worst month. The weather still sucks AND there are no real holidays the equal a day off from work