Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mini Rant - sometimes it isn't just a shopping cart

Yesterday I read this blog post from the Church of the Customer blog about fees being penalties.  In this case they were relating a lack of baggage fees with increased business.   They make a good argument - one with which I very much agree. 

As I searched frantically in my wallet for my loonie to get myself a shopping cart (while restraining my rampant toddler who wanted to run amok through the store), I thought this might be similar.  Why am I paying a fee to get a shopping cart?  A basic necessity when shopping for more than 1 thing (leaving the other hand free for restraining said child).  I know the argument from stores is that it saves them money and in the end keeps their prices down.  Frankly it seems a cheap way to put the onus on the customer.  A penalty for being their customer.  And frankly a real pain in the butt for parents shopping with children (and who might not be so organized as to always have a loonie at the ready for the store). 

The assumption is that a loonie (or a quarter at some stores) is enough money to ensure I take my cart back  OR that I don't steal the cart.   This policy assumes I'm guilty before I even come into their store.   And if I really wanted to steal the cart would the loonie really stop me???? 

When I fly I need to take baggage, so I don't expect to have to pay for that 'extra'. When I shop I want to buy more than one thing.  And I don't want to have to pay a 'deposit'. 

Sure I get the money back for good behavior.  But that isn't the point.  


  1. Amen Sister!

    I just started buying basics at and I don't need to fight to find a loonie for a shopping cart, although I do have to pay a deposit so that I don't steal one of their pretty blue delivery bins :-)

    To the companies that make it difficult to do business with, I say "see you later".

    At Raspberry Kids, we are bending over backwards to make it easy for customers to buy from us (@ least we hope so). There is so much competition, why make it hard for people to spend money in your store, for your service or online?


  2. Just like a sister from another mother!

    Somehow I think of a deposit for something that comes into my home as different than having to pay a deposit to use it in their store. But hey everybody is doing it. It must work... right??!!!