Monday, November 16, 2009

Doctor Who Fix

Last night I got my Doctor Who Fix by watching the Doctor Who special "Waters of Mars" last night.  We had a couple of other Doctor Who fans over and it was great to watch with others who are long time fans.

This was an exciting episode, with lots of action, gross looking villains and lots of running (although they never run like they did in the classis series - where they would run up and down the same hallway but they would try to make it look different cause they couldn't afford the extra sets).  While I love the funny, witty Doctor. I also love it when they show the potentially dangerous Doctor. He really does need a companion to help keep him back off the edge.  I mean who else is there... there certainly won't be a "Trial of the Time Lord" anytime soon.  There really is nobody to stop him from doing what he wants.  Who policing the last of the time police?   Really 'Doc' you need someone to talk some sense to you.

Great action and I can't until the Christmas special.  Sadly this also means only 2 more Tennant specials.  I'll miss him. 

We finished off our evening by watching 2 parts of the original original (pilot episodes) Doctor Who.  It always amazes me to see how far the series has come.   And I don't just mean the improved sets.

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  1. I find it amusing that someone I meet through a site like Twitter is hanging out with someone I kind of hung out with in high school. Small world :)
    Oh, are the comments supposed to be about Dr Who? Damn...