Thursday, November 26, 2009

Back from Adventures

My girlfriend Amy came back from her 2 month adventure in South America today.  I love my life, but I have to admit I'm rather jealous is her ability to take off for 2 months on some crazy adventure.  She posted FB pictures along the way so I feel I have a bit of insight into her trip.  But hearing her talk about it today made it all real for me - she really was on this adventure and not just in Vernon for a few months.  Her favourite moments were paragliding, hiking the Inca Trail and seeing the Bolivian desert & salt flats (she stayed in a hostel made completely of salt blocks - even the tables the chairs).  

On the other side it was an adventure tour and I'm a girl who likes a shower now and again (even if I have to clear out the toddler toys first).  The tour stayed in hostels, and home stays and camped along the Inca Trail.  So very few of our usual amenities.  When asked what she missed most it was regular hot showers,  vegetarian food options, tap water and sane drivers. 

I'm happy she is home. Can't wait for the long picture slide show to come - really truly because the FB pictures from her phone were so fantastic I can't wait to see what her camera captured.

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