Sunday, November 15, 2009

To stroll or not to stroll

Today I decided to go the aquarium with the little guy.  It was pouring rain.  We spent most of the day at home yesterday.  Hubbie had been out late last night, so I thought the little man and I would get out of the house and give us all a break.  I have a membership at the aquarium, but it my first time going on a Sunday.  I can go any day of the week I want.  WHY did I pick a Sunday?

So yeah, it was a bit busy.  Mostly with parents (and a large percentage of Dads) getting out of the house with the kids.  First stop was the kids area for the family time at 10:30 - and stroller parking.

The stroller seemed like a good decision when I was racing through the wet rainy parking lot.  It helped us keep up a decent pace.  I didn't have to chase him everywhere and he could sit and snack between attractions.  But I had to lift him in and out of the stroller a lot of times.  Plus it was crowded and waiting for elevators is annoying.  There were a lot of other young kids running/walking/being carried around without a stroller. And I wondered if perhaps that would have been a smarter choice. 

We aren't stroller dependent folks.  And our little guy likes to walk.  What do you think?  With a 2 year old.  Do you take the stroller or go free at the aquarium?


  1. I generally go free, or use a baby carrier. However, when I tried that with my 14-month-old at the aquarium it was a nightmare. People almost tripped over him more times than I could count, and he almost escaped a couple of times. So, in the future, I would err on the side of bringing the stroller for sure.

  2. If I was to go to the aquarium before summer I'll bring a stroller. Amelia is hell bent on escaping any chance she gets! She does like holding my hand but ONLY if I am going where she wants to.

    I'm hoping that by the tme she is two she'll grasp the idea that running away from Mom is NOT a good idea! Just in case though, I'll bring my unicorn harness ;)