Friday, November 13, 2009

Follow Friday

I've caught my son's cold. Not a big surprise - but the timing sucks. I also have an interview this afternoon, so my blogger version of follow friday is going to be short and sweet.

One of my first bosses - Chris.  Always sees the glass half full.  Never does anything half way.  Always makes me laugh.  He has 2 blogs.  One is a lifestyle focused blog.  Although these days it is mostly about his upcoming Marathon in Jamaica.  He has been training for months.  But more importantly he isn't just running for himself. He has set a goal of raising $10K for Canadian Diabetes in honour of his Dad.   His blog talks about how he stays inspired and motivated - lessons for us all on how to attain our goals. What has been working for him in his training and his fundraising.  Check out That Running Guy: Races to Finish Optimistic observations and commentaries on life from my interconnected worlds of running, driving, working, cooking and giving.

Chris is also a very astute marketer.  Check out his observations on the marketing world at Morales & Associates.      His specialty is building brand value by creating breakthroughs for his clients.

You can also follow Chris on twitter @Chris_Morales.

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