Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shoes, shoes everywhere

Last night was the big Women in Leadership Foundation gala I've been working on for months.   And the dress that I hand tailored Friday night didn't come up to snuff, so a bunch of other dresses got reviewed and finally one chosen. A pretty (if bit boring) black dress was chosen in the end.  And all because it went with the all important red shoes!  So it was the winner. 

And while a lot of other women were dressed in black, there was a great array of lovely dresses at the event last night.   But top of mind for me was checking out all the fantastic shoes.  So this is a picture blog of the gala in shoes.  Early in the evening all the shoes are women I know... but after a drink from the martini luge I started asking strangers to take pictures of their feet.  The biggest trends seemed to be the pointy toed black, followed by red shoes with a black dress. 

Couldn't figure out how to get the flickr album to show up inside the blog, so just click below to find the album.   Flickr Shoe Set


  1. Some very lovely shoes! I hope the event went off without a hitch (or any broken straps of heels LOL)

    Hmmm...did you miss a day of posting?

    *this comment courtesy of IComLeavWe! Spread the love :)*

  2. Thanks for pointing that out Carrie. I had actualy written a post (a really lame one). I checked and it was still sitting in my drafts. I guess I really was running around that day. Posted now.

    And no hitches or broken straps. Although we didn't have all the anticipated media come out, which was disappointing for my team.

  3. What a great way to see the evening! I noticed a lot of bare skin!